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New movie about the launch of LISA Pathfinder

LISA Pathfinder: Follow some of the scientists who made it happen as they recapture the exciting times of the first steps into the era of gravitational waves in space.

A year ago, on december 3rd 2015 at 04:04 GMT the Lisa Pathfinder Mission lifted off from European Space Agency's space center in Kourou, Guiana. After 10 years of designing, building and testing, LISA Pathfinder had a picture book launch on a Vega rocket which propelled the satellite into a safe low earth orbit for the following month-long journey to Lagrange point L1 about 1.5 million km from Earth. LPF went online in March and performed spectacularly, far exceeding all expectations. LISA Pathfinder created the quietest place known to humankind, demonstrating that the technology onboard is a perfect option to measure gravitational waves in outer space.

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