ESA selects Europe's next large science mission

Artist's impression of an eLISA spacecraft

Artist's impression of an eLISA spacecraft with two laser beams and two merging black holes in the background.

© AEI/Milde Science Communication/Exozet Effects

"ESA´s decision to select JUICE as the next large science mission does not come unexpectedly after all the discussions of the last few weeks. But we are not dispirited because the scientific review committee has voted us the unanimous number one in Scientific Value!

We now will work on a strong technology program to reduce the remaining possible risks. And with the LISA Pathfinder mission in 2014 we will show in space that NGO´s key technologies perform as expected and with reliability. A selection of of the next large mission L2 in 2015 can then not bypass LISA! We congratulate JUICE on the selection."

Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann, Chair of the LISA International Science Team